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Science-Fiction Role Playing in a More Civilized Time.
Everything Jules Verne could have written.
Everything H.G. Wells should have written.
Everything A. Conan Doyle thought of but never published.......

because it was too fantastic.

Space:1889 is a registered trademark of Frank Chadwick. All rights reserved.
SPACE:1889 is a Sci-Fi role play game with the background set in the late 19th century of Earth. It postulates a time that "could have been" had certain concepts of the time proven true, and IF some of the Sci-Fi theories had happened. One of the theories was that there was a substance referred to as "ether" which surrounded the Sun and other planets in the solar system. In fact, it is still listed in the American Heritage Dictionary, definition number 3 as "The regions of space beyond earth's atmosphere; the clear sky; the heavens."

This is a game that I have GMed in the past, and found to be immense fun. Unfortunately, since the demise of GDW, it is not likely that there will be anymore products forthcoming, at least for the near future. However, there should be enough of us who are interested in the game and the history it presents to keep it going for quite a long time.

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A More Civilized Time?

A review of "SPACE:1889" by Dr. Greg Wilson. This is the review listed on Joseph Boeke's page, but the link to the review is "broken"(?). Actually, I think that Dr. Wilson decided to utilize the space for something else. He did however, grant my request and sent me the review that he had written, so with his kind permission, I am publishing it here. I have to warn you, it's not a kind review, but I think it gives us something to reflect on about one of our favorite games. And I think that some of what he says could just as equally apply to the majority of RPGs.

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Far Future Enterprises, successor to GDW, current publisher of Traveller, 2300AD, and Twlight 2000 RPG series.

Downloads and Articles

Ye Can Always Tell a Yankee, But Ye Canna Tell 'im Much...

Or, how to make an American PC in SPACE:1889. This is a text file by the way. So for those of you who wanted it, here it is. As originally published in Challenge No. 43, April-May 1990. This article is ©1990 Loren K. Wiseman, who is the author and is posted here with his kind permission.

The French Foreign Legion in SPACE:1889

SPACE:1889 Ship Yard

This is a MS-Excel 2000 spreadsheet I put together to help me design Aerial flyers and Cloudships for the Space:1889 RPG. I've added a few new features, and some minor instructions. RECENTLY updated. I think I've worked out most of the bugs. It now displays the correct final tonnage. The areas where you need to enter data have been highlighted in red. It currently runs on MS Excel 2002, and later. I don't know about earlier versions of Excel.

Sky Galleons Of Mars Phase Movement Rules
Just a 2 page set of rules I devised to hopefully make SGOM a bit more balanced. One page is the rules, the second page has the phase charts. If you find this or any of my rules mods of any use, please let me know.


This file contains three Word 97 documents that outline an alternate personal combat system for Space:1889. 1889.doc gives the basic rules along with a hit location chart, and rules for healing. guna1889.doc gives a listing of weapons that were in service at the time. Gunb1889.doc covers special notes concerning weapons listed in guna1889.doc. This is a system that I used when I ran Space:1889, and most of the people who played liked the way it worked.


This file is for those of you who have the old Paragon computer game "SPACE:1889". It corrects a problem I found where the icon for the Lee-Metford Rifle was a Pistol Icon. It was simple enough to fix if you knew what to look for. So I fixed it. I also fixed a error that had the mineral detector weighing 1000 pounds instead of the 100 that was stated in the book. This should make it a little more practical for your party to carry one, if you desire.

RawCopy (zipped)

This file removes copy protection from many older DOS games, including the OLD Paragon game, SPACE:1889. The zipped file is about 150k. It is provided here as a service, no warranty is implied or given. It's freeware (as far as I know)

Timeline for Space:1889

This timeline is under contruction, actually, it's stalled. But I do hope to put in some more details soon and have it at least up to 1889.

A list of Firearms for SPACE:1889

My HârnMaster Site

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